Freddie Mac Selling Updates

Freddie Mac Selling Updates

TO: Freddie Mac Sellers July 10, 2019 | 2019-16 SUBJECT: SELLING UPDATES This Guide Bulletin announces:

Home Possible® Mortgages

  • Changes to the income limits related to Home Possible Mortgages, including: ➢
    • Revised Borrower income limit ➢
    • 2019 AMI limits ➢
    • Loan Product Advisor® impacts
  • Updates to requirements for rental income from 1-unit Primary Residences
  • Extension of the effective date for previously revised requirements limiting the number of financed residential properties owned


  • Updates to Loan Product Advisor asset and income modeler (AIM) – self-employed Borrowers
  • Revised requirements for obtaining Borrower signatures on IRS Form 4506-T

    Properties located in Eligible Disaster Areas

  • Simplification of our age of documentation requirements for disasters

    Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset •

  • Updated delivery requirements in the ULDD Addendum

    Calculation of monthly housing expense

  • Updates to the requirements for including real estate taxes in the Borrower’s monthly housing expense

    Environmental hazard disclosure

  • An extension of the effective date for requiring the disclosure of environmental hazards to Borrowers

    Additional Guide updates

  • Further updates as described in the Additional Guide updates section of this Bulletin


  • All of the changes announced in this Bulletin are effective immediately unless otherwise noted

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