Miami-Dade County to Suspend Eviction Notices

Miami-Dade County to Suspend Eviction Notices

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March 12, 2020

Source: The Miami Herald

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Miami-Dade County Police Department

Miami-Dade police announced Thursday that officers would not assist with evictions during the emergency declared by Mayor Carlos Gimenez for the coronavirus pandemic.

The agency said it “has temporarily suspended all eviction activities until further notice” in a release sent Thursday morning. The action means officers won’t assist landlords in removing tenants or serving court papers, freezing evictions until further notice.

“The only ones that can follow through on eviction orders is us,” said police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta. “From this point forward, those papers and those orders will not be processed.”

The decision to halt evictions over COVID-19 comes on the heels of outrage last year when county police assisted evicting a 75-year-old from her South Beach apartment ahead of Hurricane Dorian. Gimenez said after the incident that the eviction was a mistake and the county would no longer be evicting people during emergencies.