New York Blizzard Covers Homes in Ice

New York Blizzard Covers Homes in Ice

Disaster Alert
March 1, 2020

Source: FOX News

Approximate locations impacted by home ice accumulations:

New York
– Hamburg (Erie County, 14075)

NOTE: This has not yet been declared a FEMA Major Disaster.

This would be a palace fit for Elsa.

A powerful storm system that brought blizzard conditions to upstate New York last week created a winter wonderland on the shores of Lake Erie that resembled something out of the hit Disney movie “Frozen.”

After temperatures dipped below freezing on Wednesday, days of persistent strong winds and heavy waves blew the water from Lake Erie ashore, encasing several homes in Hamburg, New York in ice.

Photos from the town located south of Buffalo show prime lakefront property locations completely encased in ice. The ice also accumulated on nearby trees.

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