Fannie Mae: SVC-2021-01: Servicing Guide Updates

Fannie Mae: SVC-2021-01: Servicing Guide Updates

Investor Update
January 20, 2021

Source: Fannie Mae

The Servicing Guide has been updated to include changes to the following:

▪ Automatic reclassification time frame for delinquent MBS mortgage loans*: incorporates Lender Letter LL-2020-13, which
extended automatic reclassification triggers from four to 24 months for most delinquent MBS mortgage loans.

▪ Update to delinquency status reporting for a disaster payment deferral*: eliminates the requirement for reporting a
delinquency status code for a disaster payment deferral if the mortgage loan is brought current.

▪ Miscellaneous update: updates our policies on remote online notarizations for the purpose of servicing or modifying a
mortgage loan.

*Policy change not applicable to reverse mortgage loans.

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