Field Services

Property Preservation

Five Brothers provides a variety of regulatory-compliant residential and commercial property preservation services. We act quickly and effectively to ensure that each property is secured and maintained consistent with applicable investor/insurer guidelines.


Prior to the initiation of initial securing, a 3-step vacancy validation process is performed.


Winterization of plumbing fixtures to avoid property freeze damage.  Re-winterizations as necessary; De-winterizations as ordered.

Seasonal Maintenance Services

Maintenance of exterior property grounds to preserve curb appeal and avoid municipal violations.  Depending upon the time of year and location, these services include grass cutting, edging, weeding, shrub trimming, removal of incidental debris, snow removal and salt application.

HUD Conveyance Compliance

Five Brothers completes all necessary work to bring properties into conveyance condition in accordance with the applicable insurer/investor.  Projected conveyance condition dates are tracked, extensions are filed when circumstances support and the client will be provided weekly portfolio analytics reporting.

Personal Property Removal/Storage

Removal, relocation and or storage of personal property in conjunction with insurer/investor requirements and in accordance with client guidelines.

Debris Removal

Removal of interior/exterior debris and hazardous waste in conjunction with insurer/investor requirements and according to client guidelines

Hazard Claim Repairs

Collaborating with insurance adjusters and field vendors to ensure repairs are  completed within industry standards and timely.

Mowing the grass


The Right Information at the Right Time

Five Brothers provides a full range of regulatory-compliant residential and commercial inspection services tailored to each client’s operating needs and business goals. Our nationwide network of professional field service representatives combines unmatched experience with the practical insight and expertise needed to complete each job in a timely and cost-effective manner, consistent with applicable investor/insurer guidelines. With rush and Saturday service, we’re there when you need us.

fs-exteriorTailored to client business goals, our inspections support:


  • Occupancy verification
  • Secondary mortgages
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Trust administration
  • Real property valuation
  • Structural damage documentation
  • Debris/dumping/hazard materials documentation
  • Collections – “door knock”
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcies

Loss Mitigation

Five Brothers provides loss mitigation inspections in support of loan modifications (HAMP), short sales and deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure programs. In addition, our trained field specialists provide on-site document delivery and notary services, as well as cash-for-keys negotiation and resolution.


Our REO team handles interior and exterior inspections based on client/insurer/municipality requirements and include occupancy determination; presence/condition of lockbox and for sale sign; and verification of additional items consistent with investor/insurer guidelines and/or client instructions. At client request, the property interior can be checked for safety, sanitary condition, damage, debris/hazards and utilities.

Insurance Loss

Five Brothers conducts loss draft and casualty loss inspections of residential and commercial properties subject to insurance claims to determine the extent and nature of damage to the property and/or confirm that appropriate work/repairs are taking place. Based on client-provided scope of work, our inspector can also determine the percentage of work completed. The client is alerted if repairs are not proceeding according to schedule to ensure that funds are not released until work has been completed.


FEMA inspections are conducted to determine property damage resulting from a Presidential-declared public disaster. Inspections can be exterior only, or expanded to include flood lines, property accessibility and other conditions, based on FEMA guidelines. In addition, inspectors attempt to determine the homeowner’s repair or rebuilding intentions. Based on the extended FEMA questionnaire, inspections can also include presence of mold, repairs undertaken, and condition of surrounding homes.

Property Valuations

As a longtime leader in default management solutions, Five Brothers is uniquely qualified to perform residential property valuations. By combining proven real estate insight with sophisticated tools and analytics, we deliver broker price opinions (BPOs), automated valuation model (AVMs), and appraisals.


Broker price opinions (BPOs) from Five Brothers provide an important and efficient option in determining property market value.

fs-bpoUnlike standard BPOs, Five Brothers BPOs are subject to cross-checking analyses through application of Automated Valuation Model (AVM) technology, which accurately incorporates key local market activity indicators. Our AVM technology enables a more reliable and effective decision-making process, particularly in rapidly appreciating or declining real estate markets.

These opinions are generated by experienced real estate professionals based on exterior only or exterior/interior inspections, and include probable sale price, 90-day quick-sale price and “As-Is” and “As-Repaired” values code price trends, and automated valuation model (AVM) comparables. All BPOs include interior and exterior photos and neighborhood map.


Five Brothers provides professional residential appraisal services for single-family homes, condominiums and manufactured homes.

fs-appraisalServices are also available for a complete range of commercial properties including:


  • Apartment complexes
  • Office space
  • Industrial space
  • Hotels and motels
  • Dealerships
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Subdivisions
  • Restaurants
  • Marinas
  • Shopping centers
  • Golf courses

All appraisals are completed by licensed real estate appraisers, with valuations based on exterior only or exterior/interior inspections, plus comparable real estate values and neighborhood condition.

Specialized appraisal services include business valuations − which are based on income, market, cost, and custom benchmarks − as well as full interior appraisals of museums and historic properties.

REO Management

Effective preservation of your residence and commercial property assets takes exceptional know-how, precise control, and expert execution. By tailoring this formula to each property, Five Brothers helps its clients maximize both property values and asset returns.

Success Begins with Better People…

Five Brothers REO professionals – including Vendor Management Specialists and Broker Specialist Teams – work closely with real estate professionals, vendors, title companies, law enforcement officials and attorneys to minimize REO losses and maximize returns.

Consistent with regulatory and legal requirements, our pre-foreclosure services (property preservation, inspections and valuations) are seamlessly integrated with our REO services (occupied property management, pre-marketing, marketing and closing) to assure better outcomes at every phase of REO asset disposition.

fs-roofrepairOccupied Property Management

  • Cash for keys exchange
  • Eviction coordination services
  • Utility transfer and/or management
  • Property tax and insurance payments


Generated by experienced real estate professionals based on exterior/interior inspections, neighborhood detail, property value estimates, listing comparables, sold comparables and neighborhood and zip code price trends.


Completed by licensed real estate appraisers, these appraisals are based on exterior only or exterior/interior inspections, plus comparable real estate values and neighborhood condition.

Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)

Choose from exterior only or exterior/interior BPOs. Both include comparable real estate values, sold comparables, probable sale price, 90-day quick-sale price, “As-Is” and “As-Repaired” values, plus supporting photos.

Marketing Services


Maintaining curb appeal and marketability is an essential part of REO property management.  From lawn and pool maintenance to snow removal; re-securing and de-winterization to interior cleaning; Five Brothers provides a full array of ongoing property maintenance services designed to preserve property security while eliminating barriers to successful and timely asset disposition.

Document Delivery Solutions

Five Brothers’ document delivery solution accelerates preparation, delivery and tracking of mortgage documents.  Combining nationwide state-issued licenses consistent with the Fair Debt Collection P…….ractices Act (FDCPA), our document delivery  solution expedites crucial loan paperwork while easing client administrative burdens associated with traditional document delivery methods.


Pre-Marketing Services

Consistent with regulatory and legal requirements, pre-foreclsoure services are integrated with REO services to assure better outcoomes through every phase of asset disposition.

Immediately after the property is listed, Five Brothers will launch an aggressive marketing campaign, produce weekly marketing reports and monitor/evaluate broker performance.

marketingMarketing Services

Immediately after the property is listed, we launch an aggressive marketing campaign, produce weekly marketing reports and monitor/evaluate broker performances.

Closing & Title Services

Prior to the scheduled closing date, our experienced closing coordinators obtain all necessary signatures and review the contract for completeness and accuracy.  Five Brothers certifies closing documents, attends the closing, collects and distributes funds, and disseminates closing information − all in strict accordance with client requirements.

Closing and title services include:

  • Title procurement
  • Contract review
  • HUD-1 review and approval
  • Title search and recording
  • Document delivery and management

Quality Control

Monitor Brokers

Monthly, property condition inspections allow Five Brothers to monitor brokers and ensure that sales-quality standards, including sign postings, open house initiatives and suitable marketing materials are provided.

Inspection Forms

REO exterior and interior inspection forms are designed to provide information specific to REO properties.  Forms indicate critical items, enabling clients to quickly identify properties needing immediate attention. Condition scores are carefully calculated, facilitating rapid, informed decisions relative to each REO property.



Consistent with specified lockout date and time, Five Brothers provides an experienced eviction team to coordinate and complete lockout procedures, working closely with the client, assigned attorneys and appropriate law enforcement authorities. Team members understand and fully observe all local statutes and maintain the highest professional standards when working with law enforcement and the borrower during the eviction process. Once the property has been vacated, client-specified property preservation work is initiated.

Property Rehabilitation

Home Rehabilitation Specialists

Five Brothers’ experienced, professional contractors specialize in home rehabilitation and are able to transform a neglected home into a marketable property quickly and cost-effectively. Our goal is to return properties to top condition so clients can realize the highest possible selling price. From landscape renewal to roof repair; window replacement to kitchen and bath remodeling, Five Brothers delivers the services clients need to boost property value and maximize buyer appeal.

Municipal Code Compliance

Municipal Code Compliance Assistance

Five Brothers is proactive in addressing potential code compliance problems to avoid the issue of violation postings.  Should a violation occur, we provide itemized estimates of repairs needed to correct the problem in full compliance with local codes. When code violation work is covered by insurance, Five Brothers provides efficient and cost-effective hazard claims management services.  Our field inspection services assure timely identification of insured damage, the first step in a process leading to maximum recoveries, reduced client administrative costs and lower total-cost-of-repair.

Property Registration

Complying with Code Requirements

Many municipalities mandate the registration of properties. Regulated city-by-city, these registrations may be required for vacant, distressed, foreclosed or rental properties.  With municipalities continually enacting or modifying such regulations, it can be difficult to keep up with evolving requirements.

Five Brothers updates its municipal property ordinance database on a daily basis, as communities enact new regulations to ensure compliance. The municipal property ordinance matrix is available 24/7 to clients through Five Brothers workflow management system, FiveOnline.