Specialized Support Services

Maximizing Assets. Minimizing Risks.

When it comes to asset management, compliance is king. Only one field service company has over 55 years of experience – providing precise execution and ensuring full compliance at every step of the property preservation and disposition process. Our support services mitigate your risk by alleviating compliance guesswork. Our job is to check and double-check. Believe but verify. It’s how we define quality control, and how we protect and preserve asset value.

SureComply: FHA Asset Solution

SureComply is a comprehensive FHA asset management solution that delivers complete transparency, fully compliant, step-by-step disposition of default FHA properties through traditional HUD conveyance or sale services. SureComply’s comprehensive, end-to-end process enables portfolio management by exception, and includes:

  • FHA compliant inspections, property preservation, and maintenance services
  • Up-to-the-minute money-spent-to-date information
  • Bid management – submission, appeal, and approval of bids directly with Yardi and/or HERMIT, includes automatic second bids, when HUD requested, and over allowable bids
  • Bid tracking – full-bid lifecycle transparency, electronic decisioning, and management by subservicer
  • Accelerated disposition
  • Seamless transition and compliance to the CWCOT program
  • Intuitive dashboards – individual account detail, HUD conveyance extension, conveyance, and more
  • Conveyance inspections, checklists, and notifications
  • HUD extension filing and appeals
  • Cohesive “claims ready” results package

Registration Services

Complying with Code Requirements

Many municipalities mandate the registration of properties. Regulated city-by-city, these registrations may be required for vacant, distressed, foreclosed or rental properties.  With municipalities continually enacting or modifying such regulations, it can be difficult to keep up with evolving requirements.

Five Brothers updates its municipal property ordinance database on a daily basis, as communities enact new regulations to ensure compliance. The municipal property ordinance matrix is available 24/7 to clients through Five Brothers workflow management system, FiveOnline.

Violation Resolution

Municipal Code Compliance Assistance

Five Brothers is proactive in addressing potential code compliance problems to avoid the issue of violation postings.  Should a violation occur, we provide itemized estimates of repairs needed to correct the problem in full compliance with local codes. When code violation work is covered by insurance, Five Brothers provides efficient and cost-effective hazard claims management services.  Our field inspection services assure timely identification of insured damage, the first step in a process leading to maximum recoveries, reduced client administrative costs and lower total-cost-of-repair.

Bid Data Management

Turnkey and worry free, this service provides efficient upload of property preservation bid data information – including photo transfers – into the Yardi and/or HERMIT (FHA), HomeTracker (Fannie Mae), and PAID (Freddie Mac) bid portals. Five Brothers’ dedicated team manages, reviews, submits, retrieves, and appeals your bids, while providing full compliance and lifecycle transparency.

Utility Management

Five Brothers delivers comprehensive, centralized billing and usage data to help clients improve control and management of utilities associated with their residential and commercial assets. Effective management of utility expenses – including electric, gas, water, sewer and propane services – can measurably impact net returns.

Services Include:

  • Utility Transfer/Activiation/Deactivation
  • Obtaining Utility Verification
  • Ongoing Utility Company Interface
  • Invoice Processing and Payment
  • Invoice Usage and Cost Auditing


As a longtime leader in default management solutions, Five Brothers is uniquely qualified to perform residential property valuations. By combining proven real estate insight with sophisticated tools and analytics, we deliver broker price opinions (BPOs), automated valuation model (AVMs), and appraisals.


Broker price opinions (BPOs) from Five Brothers provide an important and efficient option in determining property market value.

Unlike standard BPOs, Five Brothers BPOs are subject to cross-checking analyses through application of Automated Valuation Model (AVM) technology, which accurately incorporates key local market activity indicators. Our AVM technology enables a more reliable and effective decision-making process, particularly in rapidly appreciating or declining real estate markets.

These opinions are generated by experienced real estate professionals based on exterior only or exterior/interior inspections, and include probable sale price, 90-day quick-sale price and “As-Is” and “As-Repaired” values code price trends, and automated valuation model (AVM) comparables. All BPOs include interior and exterior photos and neighborhood map.


Five Brothers provides professional residential appraisal services for single-family homes, condominiums and manufactured homes.

Services are also available for a complete range of commercial properties including:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Office space
  • Industrial space
  • Hotels and motels
  • Dealerships
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Subdivisions
  • Restaurants
  • Marinas
  • Shopping centers
  • Golf courses

All appraisals are completed by licensed real estate appraisers, with valuations based on exterior only or exterior/interior inspections, plus comparable real estate values and neighborhood condition.

Specialized appraisal services include business valuations − which are based on income, market, cost, and custom benchmarks − as well as full interior appraisals of museums and historic properties.