Award-Winning Technology


FiveLive is an award winning workflow management system automating virtually every step of the work order process in real-time. The FiveLive Mobile App brings a host of innovative technology capabilities to the job, for faster, more accurate and more profitable results. Mobile technology accelerates the process of obtaining and uploading precise results from the field, for the most up-to-date asset information.

FiveLive brings a host of innovative technology capabilities to the job, making it faster, more accurate and more profitable for the parties involved.

FiveLive includes:

An intuitive, step-by-step Q&A format guides the field vendor through every work order requirement. There are no skipped steps and no extra steps. Greater reporting accuracy is accomplished with significantly less training time.

Comprehensive, at-aglance order review provides the field vendor with the associated work order status of 'current', 'rejected', or 'completed'.

Automatic compliance alerts inform field personnel of federal, state, local and investor specific requirements.


GPS enabled functions allow for route-to-site mapping and geo-tagged photos, which provide date and time stamping to satisfy compliance regulations.

Real-time order review/order submission allows the user to edit information prior to submission. When the field representative is satisfied, a tap on the screen to upload the data.

Precise and immediate field property reporting results in faster vendor reimbursement.


When disaster strikes, location matters.

CLADE merges weather/disaster reporting, asset location, and FiveOnline asset history into one easy-to-use platform.

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A convenient dashboard provides pinpoint asset location to identify properties within the disaster impacted area. Users can hyperlink to FiveOnline accounts or export the entire population to work off-line.



Toggle on and off map layers to identify properties within, adjacent to and outside of disaster impacted areas.


Each asset is Geo-Tagged and cross-referenced with any reported weather event with the potential to cause property damage.


Open location history to view recently completed work
orders, inspections and grass cuts.

Order work directly from FiveOnline using the hyperlinked account number.