VA: VALERI Servicer Newsflash

VA: VALERI Servicer Newsflash

VA: VALERI Servicer Newsflash

Investor Update
July 15, 2019

Source: VA


Servicer Recorded Training – The recorded May 2019 servicer training is now available and is located under the Servicer Access to VALERI section on the VALERI Internet page at The training covers approving access for servicer users, navigating the system, reporting data, filing basic and appealed claims, uploading documents, and viewing reports.

Appeals – The timeframe to file an appeal has been extended in the VALERI application. For cases that would have been eligible for appeal in the legacy VALERI system starting on April 27, 2019, and those that have become eligible in the current VALERI application, the appeal timeframe has been reset to August 12, 2019.

Document Upload – The current maximum document size is 3.8 MB; however, this will be increased in the future. This is not associated with the uploading of the Bulk Upload Templates.


Contested Foreclosures – Servicers should not be conveying properties to VA if they are aware of issues with the sale or the sale is being contested. In the event the property has already transferred to VA, the servicer should report the Invalid Sale Results event in VALERI. Once the contested foreclosure is resolved, if the sale is still valid, the servicer may re-report the foreclosure sale and Transfer of Custody event in VALERI.

Accessing VALERI – The new VALERI application must be accessed with the Google Chrome browser.
VA Loan Technician Contact Information – Loan Technician contact information is currently located on the VALERI Internet page at

Servicer Point of Contact (POC) Information – Servicer Account Department POC information should be populated by an Administrator in the VALERI application as soon as possible. Along the header bar in the VALERI application, servicer administrators can select the drop-down arrow next to “More”, then select “Servicer Departments” to add the contact information.

VALERI Assistance – Any VALERI system related inquiries must be directed to Policy inquiries should still be directed to the VALERI Helpdesk at

Servicer Webinar – Servicers are encouraged to attend the next webinar on July 25, 2019, at 1:00 PM EST, which will focus on VALERI Reports. Requests for webinar information, for those who have not previously attended, should be directed to the VALERI Helpdesk at at least 48 hours prior to the webinar.