Hurricane Douglas Likely to Strike Hawaii with Heavy Rain, High Winds

Hurricane Douglas Likely to Strike Hawaii with Heavy Rain, High Winds

Updated 7/27/20: The Weather Channel published a report offering the latest updates for Hurricane Douglas, which is pulling away from Hawaii and expected to return to open water.

Hurricane Douglas Brushes Hawaii with Rain and Wind

Updated 7/26/20: Hawaii News Now published an article detailing the latest warnings and watches issued in Hawaii related to Hurricane Douglas.

LIST: Weather Alerts in Effect as Hurricane Douglas Closes In

Updated 7/26/20: ABC News issued a report offering the latest updates on Hurricane Douglas, which is forecast to pass near the Hawaiian Islands within the next 24 hours.

Hanna Weakens to Tropical Storm as Hurricane Douglas Makes Its Approach on Hawaii

Updated 7/25/20: FEMA issued an Emergency Declaration for areas in Hawaii affected by Hurricane Douglas beginning July 23, 2020 and continuing.

Updated 7/25/2020: 
The Weather Channel issued a report offering the latest forecast for Hurricane Douglas, which is poised to pass over the Hawaiian Islands within the next 24 hours.

Hurricane Watch Issued for Hawaii as Douglas Nears With Strong Winds, Heavy Rain, Coastal Flooding


Disaster Alert
July 24, 2020

Source: The Weather Channel

NOTE: This has not yet been declared a FEMA Major Disaster.

At a Glance

  • Douglas is the first Eastern Pacific major hurricane of 2020.
  • Douglas will gradually weaken, but is still likely to strike Hawaii Sunday.
  • It may either be a tropical storm or low-end hurricane as it sweeps through.
  • Heavy rain, strong winds, coastal flooding and high surf are expected.
  • The exact track of Douglas will determine how much of the islands see the strongest winds.

Hurricane Douglas is forecast to sweep through Hawaii as a tropical storm or hurricane this weekend, where it could produce flash flooding, strong winds and pounding surf.

Douglas is encountering cooler water, beginning its weakening phase. Drier air and wind shear, both nemeses of tropical cyclones, also lie ahead for Douglas.

The question, though, is how fast does Douglas weaken.

If it weakens slower, Douglas could pack more of a punch as perhaps a low-end hurricane by the time it reaches Hawaii. A faster weakening would bring Douglas into the islands as a tropical storm.

And, unlike some past tropical storms and hurricanes, Douglas could affect the entire island chain, not simply the Big Island.

That brings about another uncertainty, the storm’s exact track, which will determine how many of the islands experience the strongest winds and possibly heaviest rain from Douglas.

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