Freddie Mac: FHLMC Guide Bulletin 2021-05: Servicing Updates

Freddie Mac: FHLMC Guide Bulletin 2021-05: Servicing Updates

Investor Update
February 10, 2021

Source: Freddie Mac

This Guide Bulletin announces:

Duty to Serve:

• Exhibit 40 updates

Escrow Requirements

• Greater specificity on Escrow account requirement

Community Land Trust Mortgages

• Requirement flexibilities for Community Land Trust Mortgages

Depository Accounts risk threshold

• Updates to depository accounts risk threshold

Electronic Payment Deferral Agreement

• Updates to the delivery requirements of Electronic Payment Deferral Agreement

Additional Guide updates

• Further updates as described in the Additional Guide updates section of this Bulletin


All of the changes announced in this Bulletin are effective immediately unless otherwise noted.



As announced in Guide Bulletin 2018-9, we are currently partnered with NextJob®, a national employment solution company, to help Servicers assist eligible homeowners with Home Possible® and HFA Advantage® Mortgages in specific high-needs areas who experience employment challenges.

We are updating Guide Exhibit 40, Duty to Serve High-Need Areas according to the most recent annual updates from the FHFA. These updates impact what areas are eligible for participation with the NextJob re-employment services as outlined in Guide Section 9102.4(c).

Guide impact: Exhibit 40

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