California Flats Fire Destroys Homes Near Pinyon Crest

California Flats Fire Destroys Homes Near Pinyon Crest

Disaster Alert
June 14, 2021

Source: CBS 2

Approximate impacted areas:


-Pinyon Flats (Riverside County, 93553)
*Homes destroyed/damaged near Pinyon Crest (Riverside County, 92561)

NOTE: This has NOT yet been declared a FEMA Major Disaster.

YUCAIPA (CBSLA) – As temperatures soared Sunday, air and ground fire crews battled the 400-acre Flats Fire in the Santa Rosa Mountains off of Highway 74 which has forced hundreds of evacuations.

The Flats Fire has burned 400 acres and was 30% contained as of Monday morning.

“Pretty good, pretty good sized fire for this time of year,” Lisa Cox, a San Bernardino National Forest Spokesperson, said.

First reports came in just after 11 a.m. Sunday morning of a fire west of the Pinyon Flat campground in the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument.

The fire spread quickly prompting mandatory evacuation orders for residents of more than 100 homes in Pinyon Crest. Officials also closed Highway 74 Palowet and Ribbonwood drives. Evacuation warnings were also issued for Pinyon and Alpine Village, authorities said.

So far, the blaze is about 10% contained. It has destroyed two homes and damaged three others. Three outbuildings were also damaged. At least one firefighter has been injured and transported for medical evaluation.

Around 400 firefighters fought the flames today. Nightshift crews have now arrived and will continue to work on containment.

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